Stanley Marketplace

From Work to Happy Hour to Home

Our Brands - Your Story

All of our independent clothing and gift lines have a story, but none is important as yours. Come take a look around and find your exclamation point.

We want what YOU want

Urban style and Unique gifts at an affordable price. And don't worry, we only stock a few pieces of each style to keep our floor fresh and your closet unique to you. 

Come be a part of our Family

We will never be one of those hip lifestyle boutiques with Mens clothing in Denver who presume to tell you how to dress or who to be. We understand that people who visit Squadron already know who they are and are quite confident in the story they want to tell --and it is how we are able to proudly boast- that we absolutely have the coolest customers in town. 

"First time in Denver and on a recommendation I had a random stop at Stanley Market and Squadron, after only my 2nd hour of landing. Picked up some really cool stuff to drag back to the East Coast. Your customer-service person was a superstar! You guys are killing it!" - Jose, VA.



 “A men’s shop has never captured my personality more. If you could turn me into an inanimate object, it would be this store. I was truly amazed by the atmosphere and selection of products. If my wallet allowed it, I’d buy one of everything!" -Sam, PA.

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